How Dead Space Extraction Controls On Wii, With Side-Shooting Twist

The Wii's September 29 prequel to last year's Dead Space has a control scheme EA's Visceral Games couldn't put on an Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3. A new EA trailer shows how it works.

Dead Space Extraction will be out September 29. As you watch, remember, EA calls this a "guided first-person experience." Different platform. Different style of game. Do you like what you see?


    It looks brilliant.

    I jumped feet first into the Dead Space franchise when it came out - comic book, DVD, then PC game, and thought it was brilliant.

    I've also played a little bit of Wii Sports at my brother's house during Xmas.

    So when I heard Dead Space was being put on rails for Wii I felt sorry for those users, because the blog commentary indicated it would suck. Now I don't know why, the thought process may have been "the game is being put on rails, so it must be a design choice made because the game sucks." Huh?

    Now that I've seen this video I think differently and it looks great, maybe because I already love the franchise, but the dynamics look pretty good too. The "on rails" gameplay actually comes off as cinematic to me, the alternate fire and glow stick look like a good idea, the rivet gun looks awesome, while the other dual player puzzles appear fun if not a little simplistic.

    Also a big question marks still hangs over how this is a "new story". I wonder how it will compare and integrate with the original.

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