How Do Dragon Quest's Famitsu Scores Stack Up?

Japanese game magazine Famitsu gave new DS title Dragon Quest IX a perfect score — the tenth game to get such a score. But how does it stack up to the others?

Since Famitsu has been doing its 40 out of 40 reviews, the DQ titles have been rated:

Dragon Quest II 38/40 Dragon Quest III 38/40 Dragon Quest IV 38/40 Dragon Quest V 36/40 Dragon Quest VI 34/40 Dragon Quest VII 38/40 Dragon Quest VIII 39/40 Dragon Quest IX 40/40

So by this number logic, Famitsu thinks the newest Dragon Quest IX is the best one ever made — better than all the others. It's the pinnacle. Aren't reviews with numbers just great?

読みゲー ドラクエのファミ通クロスレビュー歴代得点一覧 (新記録追加) [読みゲー]


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