How Mario Galaxy Looks In 720p

Remember those "HD" Wii videos? This is just like them! Only, it's Mario Galaxy, not Smash Bros. And they're lovely big screenshots, not blurry little internet videos.

To refresh, these games are displaying in what is essentially high definition, as they're being run through a Wii emulator on a PC. So if the Wii could manage high definition (which it can't), this is probably what Mario would look like. Nice, no?

[Wii emulator can do 720p @ NeoGAF, via VG247]


    Exactly what Nintendo and developers do with screenshots and promotion, then you get slapped with a whole lot of ugly when you play the game for yourself.

      Not Quite Jay... I remember countless time thinking how bad Wii screenshots look

    Do. Want.

    Now all we need is Prime 3 and Zelda and we'll be set

    Wow, cool it looks much better and sexy!

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