How Much Xbox 360 Avatar Clothes And Toys Cost

Earlier today we gave you a video tour of the new Xbox 360 dashboard update (aka the love-child of Home and Miis). Now have a look at the prices for all Avatar clothing and toys...

One important metric to note before you start clicking on thumbnails and preparing your shopping list: 80 Microsoft points equals $US1 US. 160 is two bucks; 320 is four. The update goes live on August 11.

Kotaku AU Note: To save you the currency conversion, 80 MS Points equals AU$1.32.

Got it? Now click through these...

Monkey Island: SE Chicken With Pulley - 160 Points Eyeball Necklace - 160 Points Guybrush Threepwood Suit - 240 Points Herman Toothrot Hat - 80 Points LeChuck Pirate Hat - 80 Points LeChuck Pirate Suit - 240 Points Meat Hook Pirate Eye Patch - 40 Points Monkey Island: SE Cotton Swab - 160 Points Pirate Telescope - 160 Points Seltzer Bottle - 160 Points Stan the Salesman Hat - 80 Points Stan the Salesman Suit - 240 Points Treasure Hunt-ery Shirt - 80 Points

Fable II Cup Tee - 80 Points Fable Tee - 80 Points Highwayman Boots - 160 Points Highwayman Boots - 160 Points (listed twice, for some reason) Highwayman Trousers - 160 Points Logo Tee - 80 Points Spire Guard Coat - 160 Points

Halo 3 Halo Cargo Shorts - 80 Points Halo Crossed Swords Tee - 80 Points Halo Hand Tee - 80 Points Halo Hoodie - 160 Points Halo Legendary Tee - 80 Points Halo Long Sleeved Tee - 80 Points Halo Medals Tee - 80 Points Halo Stuck Tee - 80 Points Halo Tee - 80 Points

Halo ODST Halo Beret - 80 Points Halo Hoodie - 160 Points Halo Laser Kill Ring - 40 Points Halo Military Cap - 80 Points Halo RC Warthog - 320 Points

Steampunk Black Boots - 80 Points Black Combat Boots - 80 Points Bowler Hat - 80 Points Breeches - 80 Points Brown Bowler Hat - 80 Points Metal Goggles - 80 Points Newsboy Cap and Goggles Combo - 160 Points Shirt and Vest Combo - 160 Points Striped Jacket Combo - 160 Points Striped Trousers - 80 Points

Recessionista Blazer and Sweater - 160 Points Brim Hat - 80 Points Cargo Jacket and Vest Combo 160 Points Cuffed Denim Jeans - 80 Points Cuffed Trousers - 80 Points Newsboy Hat - 80 Points Recession Glasses - 80 Points Shoes - 80 Points Tortoise Glasses - 80 Points Unlaced Combat Boots - 80 Points


    So, $1.30 for a pair of boots that look identical to the boots already freely available?

    Clearly, Microsoft believe there's a lot of money to be mined from the left-hand side of the IQ bell curve.

    P. T. Barnum was right.

    LOL. It's good they are doing this. Making things different and making things to do reach a wider audience.

    But MS Points aren't that cheap. For the amount your receive, isn't at times worth the money. Before i clicked on this to see the prices, i was thinking, hmm making 20Points for a hat, or 50 for a shirt. 100 for a whole outfit.

    This is ridiculous. I don't know anyone that will actually spend 500 Points buying clothes that aren't that great. It would be cool to buy a Master Chief armour suit or wearing night vision goggles in a Army Outfit. But these are just normal shirts with game logo and prints on them.

    Waste of money or virtual points as far as i'm concerned. Especially for the price MS are dishing out.

    In the end, if you don't like them you don't need to get them. And compared to the prices over at Home on the PS3, its actually not that bad.

    Still can't personally see myself buying all that many... but my GF on the other hand will be a worry. Will have to keep the credit card well hidden :P

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