How To Reach Hoth If You've Finished Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Veteran players of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed may have mixed feelings about a new Hoth level coming only to a new disc release of the game. But there's a twist. A positive one.

The new Hoth level, which brings one version of the game's branching plot beyond a new downloadable Tattooine level to an Empire-Strikes-Back-era level with AT-ATs and Luke Skywalker, will only be available in a new version of The Force Unleashed, according to LucasArts.

But on that disc, the Hoth level will be easily accessible.

A LucasArts rep told Kotaku today that the three extra levels that extend beyond the original release of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed — meaning, the already-released Coruscant DLC level plus Tattooine and Hoth — will all be accessible from the new edition's front menu. That means players who have finished the original release of the game won't have to worry about transferring their save file or even playing the game all the way through again, in order to reach that level. Of course they'll still have to get a copy of The Ultimate Sith version. It just sounds like renting or borrowing may be an option for those who merely want to play Hoth and be done.

The new version, Star Wars: The Forced Unleashed: Ultimate Sith Edition, ships for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 this holiday season.

The forthcoming Tattooine level, unlike the Hoth mission, will be downloadable later this year for Microsoft and Sony's consoles.


    I'm sure everyone's best friend, Mr Internet, will be happy to lend them a copy...

    So rent, try and return. Easy!

    I wonder if they'll be releasing the Sith Edition at full price? You can get Force Unleashed for 50 bucks new now...

    Bit rough. I would have been happy to get it as a DLC, rather than having to fork out for an entire game, which I probably won't be.

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