Hudson Soft Dials Up The Horror With Calling

Hudson Soft takes a stab at the horror genre with Calling for the Nintendo Wii, which transforms your Wii remote into a cell phone with direct dial service to the damned.

The Calling plays on classic Japanese horror films like Ringu, with a mysterious website called the Page of Black. A simple black page with a counter in the centre, rumour says that those who gain access to the linked chat room soon die after the onset of a mysterious, unexplained coma. The player wakes up in a strange room and receives a phone call from a ghostly voice. Soon they find themselves drifting in and out of a state of limbo known as The Border, where lost spirits roam, some communicating with the player, and others taking violent exception to their presence.

It sounds to me an awful lot like a Silent Hill title, with a mix of puzzles and exploration in a nightmarish world, but with Konami Digital Entertainment distributing the title in Europe next year, I doubt it's all that derivative. If anything it looks slightly scary, but we'll have to see more before we decided whether or not to run screaming.


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