Hulu Tries To Explain Why It's Blocking The PS3, Fails

Last month, streaming video service Hulu began blocking the PlayStation 3's web browser from accessing its content, a practice that continues to this day without official explanation. But customer service has attempted to explain the decision, somewhat cryptically.

G4 received a response from Hulu that might leave one more bewildered about the change than not having read it. Hulu calls the change a "tough decision," a move the company makes "when we believe it improves our long-term prospects to build a more enduring, legal solution to that same problem."

Hulu is a joint venture between NBC Universal and Fox Entertainment, offering television shows and movies to North America.

Hulu Addresses Blocking PlayStation 3, Cites Vague 'Tough Decisions' [G4]


    I call bullshit? Why the need in the first place.

    Legal solution? Maybe something to do with platform only license (only PC)?

    seeing is Hulu is only accessible in north America i would think it might have something to do with people in other countries creating a US PSN account and trying to access it from outside of the usual broadcasting zone as stipulated on the PC format?


        Aside from browser blocking, Hulu limits access to content based on your IP address, much the same as joost does. AFAICT, Setting up and using US PSN account does not do any IP modifying proxy stuff

        as Paul said, creating a US acct does nothing. there are ways around it but that is not it. who cares anyway? PS3 media server FTW! I have 3 premium DDL accts, rapidshare, netload & megashares. anything i want will be hosted on 1 of these usually ALL 3. then simply drag and drop into a pms folder and watch on the PS3. plus it is then mine to keep :D

    if sites like hulu were available to everyone in any form they required easily, this would destroy the pirate industry. We cant have that.

      That does not compute.

      TV shows are widely pirated in the US, even with Hulu. So don't use the lack of Hulu as some sort of justification for piracy.

      The simple fact of the matter is that shows are only broadcast through Hulu because the RIGHTS OWNERS allow them to be. Those rights owners have different arrangements with providers around the world, and those rights need to be legally respected, by Hulu or anyone else.

    A legal solution, like a legal licensing agreement where Sony pays Hulu to allow the content to be accessible through the PS network?

    Also got to wonder, does Hulu have Sony content on it's service that they (or NBC/Fox) are currently paying to license from Sony? If so, that'd have to annoy them.

    Hulu are just money grubbing bastards. If they cant get cash out of you then they dont want to know you. Even for stuff broadcast on free to air.
    Licensing agreements my ass

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