If Nintendo Won't Make A HD Starfox, These Guys Will

In the absence of a high definition Nintendo console - or even new Starfox games, for that matter - some fans have taken matters into their own hands, and are building a new Starfox game: Shadows of Lylat.

Similar to the popular Battlestar Galactica mod, Beyond the Red Line, Shadows of Lylat is built on FreeSpace Open, meaning it takes advantage of the space combat sim's engine without the user needing a copy of Freespace to play it. All you'll need is Shadows of Lylat.

Being built around Freespace, the developers say it'll be a little more serious to play than the arcadey action of the Nintendo titles, but that shouldn't worry too many of you. What should worry you are the chances of Nintendo being assholes and shutting this down.

It'll be out "when it's done" (if it ever gets done), and is promised to run on Windows, Mac and Linux.

[Shadows of Lylat]


    I'm a massive Starfox fan, so I hope Nintendo are amicable about this, and get around to making a new first party one aswell.

    6 years is a long time to be developing a title that will inevitably recieve a C&D. Nintendo are the last publiosher you want to try something like this with. Their IPs are never put out to pasture. I hope they've developed in such a way that they can easily strip out all of the copyrighted content and release it as a Starfox-like game.

    Doesn't anyone ever learn? Finish developing the game first, *then* tell the world about it.

    Expect a C&D soon.

    Cease and desist in 5, 4, 3, 2...

    Theres a Source based version of Mario Kart thats been listed and in the News features several times now (for quite a significant amount of time)... Seriously, C&D's aren't issued as much as you'd like to think. This will probably roam free.

    nintendo loves their money and chances are will get their lawyers onto it and shut it down, so 6 years work will go up in smoke unfortunately

    That looks amazing. Fingers crossed this flies below their radar.

    ahaha.. man.. just having it up on a popular website like this will more likely put it on nintendo's radar. yeah. let's just hope they wont be asses about it, like squareenix and fanmade stuff.

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