If Only Monkey Island 2: Special Edition Looked This Good

It's not that we don't think Monkey Island: Special Edition looked bad. It looks great! But if it had looked as good as this fan mock-up, it would have been greater.

Some Germans have put together what they feel a Monkey Island 2: Special Edition should look like, complete with high-res backgrounds made from original concept art, along with a quasi-3D overlay.

Can't say I like their inventory scheme as much as I like the environment effects, but I like the environment effects a lot, so that's OK.

Monkey 2: Special Uber Art [Loneclone]


    This is incredibly good looking.
    I really like the art in the special edition too, except for Guybrush, for some reason his ridiculous hairstyle really irks me. Am I the only who finds this?

      No, his stupid head really is irritating. But I get the feeling that the artist intended for Guybrush to look like a poncy cretin.

      I much preferred switching back to the old style for when guybrush was talking and his facial close ups.

      I love the SE but Guybrush comes off as camp and whimsical. I think his voice needed a harder tone and mroe seriousness just so I would respect him a bit more. But I have got to commend them for the Cannibals who I thought were incredibly funny.

    yeah, i really didn't like his hair either. Every other character looks similar to their 8-bit counterpart, but guybrush looked completely different, and almost out of place in his own game!

    I'm just so glad they got Dominic Armato to do Guybrush - he's done such an amazing job on the others. To me, Guybrush and Dominic are synonymous! :D

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