InFamous Defeats Prototype In Cross-Dressing Playoff

In a recent Zero Punctuation review, Yahtzee couldn't declare which blockbuster game "about super-powered assholes" was better, but would give the honour to the studio that best drew the rival game's protagonist in drag.

Astoundingly and to their everlasting credit, both Radical and Sucker Punch participated. First up, Radical sent in two submissions, but that monstrosity takes the cake - Cole McGrath with Vegas showgirl peacock tail, a Marilyn Monroe birthmark and ... oh God are his pubes showing? NEXT.

Here's your winner: Alex Mercer, who shapeshifted up some heaving bosoms thanks to Sucker Punch, in a tableau that "could be the cover of a romance novel." Per Yahtzee's award citation:

It's a close call, but I'm going to declare Sucker Punch the winner by one lovingly-rendered pair of breasts. Also their unicorn is a much prouder, mightier steed, and Alex's expression is delightfully coquettish. Therefore InFamous must be the better game. Buy InFamous. Prototype's still good, though. Buy it as well.

Yahtzee's Prototype vs. Infamous Challenge [The Escapist via Joystiq]


    That is extremely disturbing.

      yet.... strangely arousing...

        ahht he internet, wins everytime

    i can't believe they actually did it....

    God i love yahtzee

    I love videogames.

    Is that Ellen DeGeneres on coles left thigh?

      you know what... i think you're right, kinda creepy.

    Much respect to both sides for getting involved.

    Alex was the winner so how did Sucker Punch win? I'm confused.

      They did each others protagonist (although alex nercer is more of an antagonist lol)

      I agree tho inFamous wins in my books, but prototype is still fun in bursts

        Huh. Alex is protagonist in the first game.

    i think im blind

    Thank the maker that game studios that aren't run by 'the suits' still exist to give us this sort of entertainment.

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