Infinite Space Anime Confuses, Delights

I'm still equal parts confused and excited about upcoming DS role-playing game Infinite Space.

On the one hand, I'm still am a little hazy on just what I'll be doing in the game. On the other it's being developed by PlatinumGames and Nude Maker. Oh, and it has these insane, over-the-top anime shorts. This one featuring swords, space pirates and a woman playing an organ. And SPACE EXPLOSIONS!!!


    Is it just me or can there never be too many of these games...?
    Probably just me

    Sega's strongpoint is not storylines.

    Platinum Games = instant buy :)

    Even if the cutscenes are confusing :\

    It looks flipping fantastic. One of the few upcoming DS games that has me excited.

    less talk, more phazors

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