Is "343 Industries" Microsoft's Halo Studio?

Ever since Bungie and Microsoft parted ways, Microsoft have been gearing up to produce more Halo games internally. Could those efforts now have been given a name?

Superannuation points us towards a trademark Microsoft have filed for use with ""computer programs, namely, game software for use on computers and video". It's called "343 Industries". So far, so boring.

But then consider what "343" means. In Halo, it's the name given to 343 Guilty Spark, that floaty little machine whose sole purpose is to hover around, pissing you off. And 343 Guilty Spark is, as GameSpot point out, not only an annoying minor character. He's also revered as an oracle by the Covenant, and for all his small stature, remember, he spends most of his time trying to trigger the Halos and destroy the known universe.

Then consider that "343 Industries" sounds a lot more like a studio than a game and you're onto something. Microsoft would only respond to GameSpot with "We have nothing to announce at this time".

Microsoft names internal Halo label? [GameSpot]


    "... destroy the known universe"

    Well hell, it could just be Microsoft wanting to change their name to something more fitting their corporate ethos.

    hmmmm i thought it was to enslave humanity........

    I am a bungie fan and they are alo to me, if it is taken from Bungie I dont think the same calibur game will be released, we have seen it over and over when companies pull out or lose the contract that the new company has to take years to learn and us the gammers lose out frankly I am worried.

    Hey, well maybe 343 Industries was created to finally make the Halo movie.

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