Japanese Hardware Sales News Is Good News For Nintendo

Thanks to a few chart-topping hits—Wii Sports Resort and Tomodachi Collection—the Wii and Nintendo DS had a good week in Japan, each platform seeing a boost in weekly hardware sales. The same goes for the PSP.

Actually, it was a pretty good week for everyone, as hardware sales were up all over—with the exception of the PlayStation 3, which saw only a minor drop from last week. We'd expect the good news for Nintendo to continue next week, when Dragon Quest IX sales are reported. That special DQ IX edition Nintendo DS is sure to do wonders for the platforms pie chart performance.

The hardware contest in Japan, as told by sales tracker Media Create for the week of June 29th to July 5th, panned out like so.

Nintendo DSi - 46,855 PSP - 32,849 Wii - 24,971 PlayStation 3 - 11,196 Nintendo DS Lite - 7,507 Xbox 360 - 5,876 PlayStation 2 - 3,734


    David, who actually publishes these sales. Is it a Japanese magazine or something?

    And is there any sort of publishing for weekly console sales in the US, UK or here in Australia? Would like to see some on here for us Aussies.

      Japanese sales are tracked by Media Create and are published weekly. In the US they're tracked by the NPD Group and are published monthly. In both cases, hardware figures are revealed in full, while only the top ten software sales figures are made public, with the remainder of the chart merely ranked in order.

      In Australia, sales are tracked by GfK. They publish the weekly software charts, but do not release exact sales figures to the public. GfK can release hardware sales at the permission of the console makers. There's a bunch of (complicated and political) reasons why this is the case... but I'm not sure this comments thread is the place to go into them!

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