Japanese Indie Shmup On Xbox LIVE

Xbox LIVE Indie Games have come to Japan. The result? Games like this shooter Crescendo Symphony from indie developer "nakfiv".

The one-player game is yours for a mere 240 Microsoft Points on Japanese LIVE Marketplace. Wonder how it plays...

クレッシェンドシンフォニー [LIVE Marketplace via selectbutton]


    So is there any way for us Aussies to access the Japanese marketplace?

      Yeah there is, just look up 'making a japanese xboxlive account' on google.

    Shmups are the best. I wish we would get Raiden fighters Aces and Raiden IV already!

    In theory it should be very quick & easy to make available a Live game that is available in other regions to the Aussie store.

    Games can only sell here if we have the opportunity to buy them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Microsoft!! -Shmups are what I want on Live -how bout it??????????????

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