Japanese Star Pitcher Needs Xbox 360 Internet Connecting Help

Nippon Ham Fighters ace pitcher Yu Darvish got his Xbox 360 about a year ago.

"I used it a little," he blogs, "but then I ended up not using it at all."

Darvish, one of the country's best ballplayers, has been practicing Street Fighter IV on the Microsoft console recently and asks his readers if there are any titles they recommend.

"I heard that you can connect it to the internet," he adds, "but I have no clue how to do it..." At least he figured out how to plug it in and press the on button. Who needs internet?

360 [ダルビッシュ有オフィシャルブログ Thoughts of Yu]


    I'll hazard a guess: he's either got he arcade or a pro and he needs the $150 wireless thingy

      What's and Arcade or Pro got to do with needing a $150 WiFi adapter?
      They're identical to an Elite (which doesn't come with inbuilt WiFi) apart from different sized (or no) hard drive and different bundled cables!

        i would have guess that the elite came with teh wi-fi... but lol no?

    its funny that the only words in the picture that are english are " sex" , "sex" and "how to sex"

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