Job Ad: We’re After A Night Editor

Job Ad: We’re After A Night Editor

film-noir-poster-night-editor_01Do you live and breathe the latest in gadgets, technology and gaming? Kotaku, Gizmodo and Lifehacker are looking for a Night Editor.

You’ll be responsible for sub-editing content from our sister US sites to suit an Australian audience. And you’ll be working for a technology network that accounts for more than one-in-two minutes spent reading IT sites in Australia.

It’s the perfect role for an aspiring journalist.

Night editor – Gizmodo, Kotaku, Lifehacker [Seek]



  • Well, I can’t even notice the grammatical errors in the ad!

    Should ‘sister US sites’ be ‘US sister sites’?

    Maybe ‘Work from 4am Tuesday-Saturday’ should be ‘Die mofo lolcatz bbq!’

  • Night shifts eh? hmm..

    I did one of those once, for a couple of weeks.
    Fun at first, but I rather sleep at night ;)..
    Ill pass. I am sure there is a nocturnal creature out there somewhere

  • Well lord knows I need to refill the coffers. As a fellow PCPowerplay alumnus I hope you’ll put in a good word for me, David.

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