Kane & Lynch Sequel Trademarked

The future of the Kane & Lynch franchise is now a bit less cloudy, as Eidos files a trademark registration for Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days.

Filed on July 8th with an update status of today, Eidos has filed registrations for the name with and without the colon, which leads us to believe that Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days could likely be the name of the next game in the series. Or they could be making a Kane & Lynch breakfast cereal. Leaning towards the video game thing though.

Eidos has also filed a trademark registration for Fragile Alliance, which was the name of their innovative multiplayer mode in the original game. Why they're only just trademarking it now is anyone's guess, but it seems to point towards a return of the multiplayer mode in the next game.

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    IO have really good characters (Hitman and K&L) and story ideas, they just can't seem to string together an excellent game -they start out well and just faulter. Whether it's because they are being pushed by Eidos to bring out a product on time or whatever, I hope they get it right with this and the next Hitman.

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