Kevin Conroy Doesn’t Remember Batman: Rise Of Sin Tzu

Kevin Conroy Doesn’t Remember Batman: Rise Of Sin Tzu

I’m not sure if the fact that the voice of Batman, Kevin Conroy, not remembering doing the voice work for Batman: The Rise of Sin Tzu is a good thing or a bad thing.

A roundtable discussion with the legendary voice of Batman kicked off on Saturday at Comic-Con with Conroy addressing the question, “Is this the first time you’ve done voice work for a video game?” to which he answered, “Yes, I believe it is.” Thus I found myself in the unenviable position of having to correct one of my personal heroes.

Conroy has lent his voice to a number of games over the years, though perhaps none as intensively as the upcoming Batman: Arkham Asylum.

“Recording games is so hard, because it’s only you in a studio alone. They record separately. And you do four hour sessions, a morning session and an evening session, so it’s 8 hours a day of just you doing five or six different takes on each line for three or four days. It’s mind blowing. You have to keep it fresh… keep it real. It’s very hard, and you don’t have the other actor to feed you energy.”

Unlike the cartoon, where Kevin records with his fellow actors, playing off their performances, the video game dialog is recorded one person at a time. This means they have to have him do each line multiple times to make sure they have a take that fits with what the other actors are doing.

With that sort of grueling process in place, it’s no wonder he’s forgotten the abysmal Batman: The Rise of Sin Tzu and Batman: Vengeance. He’s also provided voices for Lords of Everquest, Max Payne 2, and Jak & Daxter, but we’ll forgive him for forgetting those bit parts. When you’ve spent the better part of two decades talking, you can’t be expected to remember everything you’ve said.

As for Rise of Sin Tzu, I told him he was probably better off not remembering. We’d rather not remember it either.

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