Konami Ditching Stupid Online ID Codes?

Konami's online games - like Metal Gear Online - have really suffered from the company's insistence on using two proprietary online IDs, despite the fact your console already has one. Looks like that practice may be coming to an end.

Yes, up til now if you wanted to play a Konami game on your console, not only have you needed a 360 or PS3 online account, you've also needed a Konami ID AND an account with the relevant game. So three accounts. Silly. So silly, in fact, that even Hideo Kojima totally hates the scheme.

But the publishers of Metal Gear and Pro Evo have today confirmed with Gamekyo that this year's version of Pro Evolution Soccer won't require a Konami ID for online play. Instead, Microsoft and Sony will run the game's servers, meaning when you want to play an online game, you can just... play an online game.

Welcome to online gaming in the 21st century, Konami. Be sure to do the same thing with Metal Gear Rising, OK?

L'Online de PES 2010 entièrement retravaillé [Gamekyo]


    Would they be willing to retroactively apply this to Metal Gear Online? Such an awesome online game which is totally gimped because of the stupid 3 ID requirement.


    I would be 100% more inclined to fire up MGO again if they ditched their bullshit ID system, while they're at it they can put their goddamn DLC on the PSN store rather than forcing me to sit through their worthless web based store.

    I'm absolutely amazed Sony even let them pull that shit in the first place.

    I agree Fuchal. It was actually the reason I played it 3 times and simply considered it painful to get in and going. It was decent fun once I was in but the effort required was too painful.

    u can actually pay for expansions on MGO using ur psn now...

    Yeah, I'd love to give Metal Gear Online a go, but the farcical online system meant I tried it once and never went back. Never even bothered trying to play PES online.

    If they patch MGO, I'd be willing to go back and give it another go. Maybe even buy some of their DLC if I can get it through the regular store.

    torres looks great. such a handsome fellow

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