Konami Says Let's Walk It Out

The Wii is about to get another workout from publisher Konami, seeking a bigger slice of the console's fitness hungry userbase with Walk It Out, the game that brings the thrill of walking outside to your living room.

With a soundtrack that spans more than a hundred songs, players will... well, they'll walk. Walk It Out employs the Wii Balance Board as well as Konami's own Dance Dance Revolution controller for accurate stepping action. It also supports plain old Wii Remote and Nunchuk for the peripheral phobic.

Konami's no stranger to staying in shape, having already shipped Let's Yoga and Let's Pilates for the Nintendo DS and run a fairly successful fitness business in Japan. Walk your way to screens of virtual walking that-a-way.


    Now there is no need to go Outside... My fear of the out doors is cured....

    Really...walking...REALLY? God I hate the Wii...not because it's a bad console, although it is, but because NO fucking developer is putting in ANY effort to make GOOD games for the thing...it's all this type of get fit be active shit!

    Well, I think you are talking about kids and the able bodied, but I have been waiting for something like to help my Mum who has Rheumatoid Arthritis and Asthma. Something like this will help her to keep moving whilst not having to panic away from home.

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