Konami To Unveil Metalocalypse Game At Comic-Con

According to The Wall Street Journal, Konami and the Cartoon Network will later this week take time out of their busy Comic-Con schedules to announce a new game based on Metalocalypse.

The Adult Swim series, which stars five very stupid, very metal band members, isn't the most obvious franchise to be turned into a game, but then, the show's popular. A game will make them money. They'll find a way.

Not much yet in the way of details - that'll come later in the week - but we do know that the show's creator, Brendon Small, had a hand in it, so at least it should be reasonably faithful to the source material.

Metalocalypse, the Video Game: Fighting Roadies and Heavy Metal [WSJ]


    I would definitely been in for this.

    It has to be Skwisgaar Skwigelf's Advanced Fast Hand Finger Wizard Master Class.

    Well, the idea of Brutal Legend was conceived around 15 years ago, during the production of the first Monkey Island game.

    Personally, I think these two games are completely different. Sure, they're heavy metal themed action games, but the tone and gameplay is heavily different, as well as the look.

    @Killa_Charlie Witch Taint is definitely blacker. Metalocalypse steals lines from there. Look it up: www.theblackmetaldialogues.com

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