Korean Developer Responds To Team Fortress 2 Rip-Off Claims

The trailer for computer title H.A.V.E. Online looks remarkably similar to Team Fortress 2 — so much so that it is actually pissing South Korean gamers off. Comments have been largely vicious.

H.A.V.E. Online is being called "an embarrassment" to the Korean game industry. Check out this comparison clip and judge for yourself.

Last week, we reported that its publisher SK iMedia has not commented about the likeness. Well, the company finally has made a statement. Korean web portal DC News did a phone interview with the publisher. "Debating (as to if it's a rip off or not) is like having blind men touching an elephant and describing what it looks like," said SK iMedia. "We will reveal the gameplay soon. Other than that, we have no comment at this time."

Blind men touching an elephant and describing what it looks like?!

신작 게임 'H.A.V.E.', '팀 포트리스2'와 비슷하다? [DC News Thanks, Torokun!]


    God dam that elephant comment made me laugh!

    Yeah pretty much a mirror of Team Fortress, i don't think this will make it very far

      i'm surprised this made it out of the office

    I think something might have been lost in translation... maybe it means more in Korean...

    The closest thing is the music. It's not a rip-off, and I fail to understand how people are seeing it as such.

    What's the same?

    Sounds. (Minigun, sniper, demo, baseballbat, gore sounds)
    couts: Both have shotguns, metal baseball bats, doublejumping

    Demoman: Projectiles look EXACTLY the same as TF2. Korean Demoman even has an eyepatch like TF2s

    And that's before getting picky.

    Oh because Team fortress invented cartoon charactertures, therefore you are never allowed to produce any thing similar right?
    Much like everything is a Doom clone.

      Its not that the game is cartoony (Battlefield heroes anyone?) its that it has the exact same weapons and look. The grenandes are exact replicas. The weapons so far have the exact same ones as in TF2...

      All that looks different so far is the character model and the level.

    its a reference to an old parable.


    It's from a proverb type story. The basic story goes that are number of blind men trying to identify what the elephant is, but each person only feel a certain part and come to different conclusions (tail - rope, tusk - pipe, leg - pillar, trunk - tree branch etc). It's saying how having a limited perspective can cause wrong and differing conclusions.

    I still think they ripped off TF2 though.

      Except you dont need to be blind to grab the parts of the elephant here..

      The character classes appear to mirror TF2..
      The trailer seems to borrow heavily from TF2..
      The music seems to mimic TF2..

      Its all starting to add up to an elephant if you ask me..

    HAVE has robots! How can it be a ripoff? TF2 DOESNT HAVE ROBOTS!

    Im sure their defense will be something similar though.

    Funny how in the trailer it shows the gameplay as being 3rd person and TF2 is 1st person... SO SIMILAR... isn't it?! I see the similarities in the trailer, but when it comes to the gameplay it's going to be a different story I reckon. Battlefield games could do the same trailer and people wouldn't complain.

    It's more like TF2 and Battlefield Heroes had a baby.

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