Korean PC Game Rips-Off Team Fortress 2

The name of this game is H.A.V.E. Online. It's a PC title, and it's supposed to be released sometime this year. And it looks strangely familiar.

An homage?

Even with the otaku toy twist, the game is a little too close to Team Fortress 2 for some on the Korean internet, where the game is kicking up a mini-controversy.

Check out the trailer comparison shots and wonder to yourself whey they called this game H.A.V.E. and not Toy Fortress Story.

Missed opportunity, that.

팀 포티리스 2 표절 + 오덕화 ‘피규어 TPS' H.A.V.E 영상·스크린샷 공개 [The World is just awesome]


    The trailer certainly proves one thing: Snipers are cheap and complete bastards.

    Wow.. I'm impressed. Its not even a subtle ripoff.

    i wanna play with those dolls.

    I was skeptical from reading the article, but damn. Not even considering the classes and guns, even the sound and particle effects are taken straight from TF2.

    ugh. How can anybody spend their time producing that crap?

    Certainly, Toy Fortress Story would h.a.v.e. been a better name

    to be honest it doesn't look that bad...environments look interesting and for some reason looks like it would be fun haha

    Looks like Figma vs Stikfa figures in the old TF/CSS kitchen map. Actually looks like a lot of fun.

    Free TF2? Why the hell not?
    I already own a copy of TF2, but I can't play it on the crappy laptop that I'm using right now (Getting about 3 FPS). I'll settle for a free version though.. I just hope the required spec is low enough.

    TF2 rip-off or not, it still looks like fun... I just wonder how many different maps they'd have for a game like that...

    The one very important aspect they forgot to rip is the unique player silhouettes. The silhouettes are all very similar and is hence visually much less effective.

    I dont really understand the point of it. bit of a wank if they are marketing it as original or trying to make money out of it.

    It's a rip off because you managed to find similar shots in their trailers?

    Get a grip.

      Dan have you played TF2? For longer than a few minutes? You do see that whoever these developers are obviously had no imagination and are hoping to make a name on the back of VALVe's awesome work?

      Sure, looks alright, but they shouldn't be able to get away with such a blatant rip...

    Damn korea and their fucking idiocy, Hope valve sues em, and if were lucky , itll get shut down! [[ In this case, no offense to any koreans here >| ]]

    Did anyone stop to think they licensed the same engine that TF2 uses and that's what gives the game a similar look and maybe a little bit of the feel.

    @Dan Gray

    Have you even played TF2? I doubt it, seeing as you can't see how they're almost exactly the same, both in trailer and gameplay.

    Common Sense

    The same engine means squat. the grenades look the same, the mini baseball bat is the same, all of the weapon's looks the same. Not to mention other similarities. An engine means nothing, they could have still designed the artwork and models differently.

    This actually looks like alot of fun. If its free then sign me up. I have a copy of TF2 and rather fond of the game. I wonder what this will bring.

    wasn't convinced, put it down to traditional fps classes/weapons...until the one eyed not-demoman turned to take out the soldier. also they needed to rip off the spy class, sort that lazy coward sniper out with a quick stabby stab.

    So now any game that has stereotypical classes like the Sniper and Heavy Weapon is a ripoff of other games? Then I guess TF2 is a ripoff of every single shooter before it, except it used classes instead of individual weapons.

    Seriously, they're very much the same, but I don't think Korean gamers would get as into TF2 as they would something with KAWAIIIIII ^____^ dolls and what have you.

    Even what you people will say!!! I will not let this game down!!! What kind of people are you? The game hasn't been released yet!! even the gameplay video was not even made!! and you say it's a rip-off? I could call that a noob!!! never judge the book by it's cover!! NOOBZ!!! s2pid noob shitz!! you guyz are out of your minds!

    Oh wow, similar weapons and screen shots? That's not ripping off anything. That was pretty cool.

    Sure its a rip off, only problem is, nothing you can do about it. Nothing Valve can do about it. Trying to sue them would be about as easy as say... stopping cold farmers all together once and for all. Its a nice idea, just not going to happen because they are under different laws then us in the USA. Hate to burst your bubble like that :(

    Shameless ripoff is shameless. Changing every single TF2 class (except the engineer, unless he's at the end of the video) to bishies and anime waifs does not change the fact that they behave in game exactly like the classes they rip off in TF2.

    Oh come on! They're clearly ripping off final combat.

    I'm gonna say there are lots of similar elements, but it's not entirely a rip-off. Sure they borrowed some major parts of TF2, but they didn't steal the more important things like character design. At least they don't have the other classes like Medic or Spy, which makes TF2 unique.

    I can't say they didn't steal from TF2, because anyone can see this game is heavily influenced by TF2's class-based FPS format, but it would be more of a homage than a complete rip-off.

    Final Combat, on the other hand,(look that up) is a BLATANT rip-off, right down to character design, game design, game's classes, game levels, music, and even the "MEET THE" trailers. They seriously made "Meet The" trailers for each class and their version of the soldier looks exactly like Valve's. If anything's a rip-off, it's Final Combat.

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