Kotaku Community Playdate Tonight!

Own an Xbox 360 and The Orange Box? Why don't you join us for some Team Fortress 2 this evening.

Tonight's Community Playdate on Xbox Live is for Kotaku readers. You voted to play TF2, so we're damn well playing TF2.

So how do you join in?

Easy. Just send a friend request to “KotakuAUST” and, once accepted, use the friends of friends feature to find your fellow Kotakuites. (Note: KotakuAUST is just a silver account, so it will not be participating. Also note this means all your chat requests and other msgs will be ignored. Sorry 'bout that. It's just to help you hook up with the Kotaku community.)

It all kicks off at 8pm - officially at least - but we’ll be there all night. Come along!


    Sweet!!! i'll be there look out for 'Jelqirt' that be my rocket splash you die from!!!

    TF2, YES!
    360...Why would you bother.

    The 360 version unfortunately is very depressing after playing the well refined balanced PC version. I'm guessing 360 version will never get the support PC does as my inquiries to find the game state that the game is discontinued.

    Can you even pull off proper rocket jumps on console??

    TF2 on console? You're kidding, right? It's one of those FPS games that really *has* to be played on the PC.

      To everyone criticising the choice of game: remember, you voted for it!

      Besides, the Community Playdates are an Xbox Live event, so the fact a game is also available on PC simply doesn't matter.

    I have TF2 on both PC and xbox, but lately play exclusively on xbox. Reading the comments above, why do you think that is?

    Ahaha on 360? You serious Mr. Wildgoose?

    Glad I missed it :)

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