Kotaku's Top 5 List Of Top 10 Lists

Another thing I want to do with our expanded weekends is this: The List of Lists.

Each week throws off several new lists ranging from the humorous to the trivial - Top 6 Phallic Objects in Video Games; Top 12 Most Hated Non-Human NPCs from 1990s RPG, you get the idea. Rather than run one as a single post, I figured we can put together, in digest form, a roundup of the rundowns out there, ridiculous to sublime.

Here are five that caught my eye recently:

11 Downright Dirty Video Game Titles [The Bits, Bytes, Pixels and Sprites] This list of dirty-talking game names, includes, of course, "Tongue of the Fatman," "Booby Kids," "Nuts & Milk" and even "GOLF Magazine Presents 36 Great Holes Starring Fred Couples," which sounds like gonzo porn I would never want to see.

The Citizen Kanes of Video Games [Games Radar] Games Radar spends about 3,000 words telling us that, yes, Donkey Kong, Tetris and Ocarina of Time were, in fact, important games. Most of the list of 25 games is predictable. Toward the end it heaps in a lot of sequels and shooters.The titles each game influenced are cited in making the case for their transcendent achievements.

Top 5 Reasons Retro Games Beat Modern Games [MSNBC] This gives equal time to the old school after MSNBC's Top 5 Reasons Modern Games Beat Retro Games of two weeks ago. Old games are definitely more of a challenge, but "they play longer"? Really? Longer than 100 percenting any of the Grand Theft Autos since III?

10 Recently Hyped Video Games that Disappeared too Quickly [Joystick Division] Haze, Too Human, Mirror's Edge, we all sort of get why they flamed out sooner than their pre-release hype would have let on. But Assassin's Creed? Mass Effect? Street Fighter IV? By what measure are we saying they "disappeared"?

The 10 Best Nuclear Explosions in Video Games [IGN] This goes back to the beginning of the month, but it's still a big hit on Digg. Plus, who doesn't like explosions? Problem is, IGN serves up some tiny-ass pictures to go with the list. Anyhow the top 3, in order, are Fallout 3, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, and World in Conflict.


    Well i don't see Assassin's Creed disappearing. I don't even think it was overhyped that it bombed. It was like the best selling new IP in 2007 and broke the record or something.

    I mean, hello, it has a sequel coming out in, well THE HOLIDAY SEASON and even has a Limited Edition to buy.

    Mass Effect, well overhyped can sometimes mean it ended up being a disaster with the critics also, (HAZE), but Mass Effect is ranked in the Top 10 for Xbox 360 on Metacritic. It sold a few million and also has a sequel a lot of people were talking about at E3.

    Street Fighter, i can't speak for, i don't play those sorta games much & haven't played it. They all look the same to me really. But as far as i know, i think it sold more than that DC vs. someone game & the one with Yoda.

    I just read the Citizen Kane article. I notice alot of critics & gamers out there like to always say Halo is overrated and all that. They don't like to include it in "lists" unless its the Best Selling or something to do with each console and Halo usually takes the Xbox's title.

    I am a Halo fan i will admit that. I think it is one of those EPIC games with a diverse, strong, sometimes hard to understand plot that does it RIGHT! Its Sci-Fi done right.

    Yet it isn't listed as a citizen kane? Doom may have influenced "every FPS since" but Halo's name wasn't mentioned. In today's gaming world when you think of FPS majority of gamers would say, COD or HALO.

    Halo influenced nearly every FPS since 2000 or whenever the release date. Some tried to nearly clone it, other tried to add other bits & pieces that just didn't work. Halo is a Citizen Kane for gamers in the 21st Century.

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