Last Batch Of Cities XL Beta Winners

Sim game Cities XL is now in beta. Kotaku readers have been vying to join the beta test all week. Here are the lucky final 20 winners.

Oops. Turns out we forgot to post about this on Friday, making a mockery of our pledge to give out 10 keys per day. But it turned out there were exactly 10 of you smart enough to post your Friday entries in the comments of Thursday's post... so you all win!

Expect your beta code to arrive via email or Facebook shortly.

Thursday's Winners

Mr Explody Impossible Mission City - “Stay awhile… stay FOREVER!”

Tyr Isle of Ad Vitam Aeternam: “Where theres no corrupt classification system and Michael Atkinson is permanently banned”

Alex G Cities XL.. where you come to play. but stay to work

Jud Crud Twilightland- You wont get out alive, due to all the horny teenage girls inside.

JC Zergling Rush Island: Better hide your SCVs ….kkkkcceeeeyyyaaggghhh!!!!

Zintert 4chanland - A working all male society?

Vans FunkyTown - Wont you take me to. Funkytown

Dylan Sale Rickville - Never gonna let you down

Marcus Dodge City: You ain’t going nowhere after this.

Aaron Clement Melee Island: We sell these fine leather jackets.

Friday's Winners

Dennis Chocolatecity - Some stay dry and others feel the pain.

ChaserFan Eden - NO APPLES! GOT IT?

Paul Warren riggedville - I see winners, but not their slogans. or am I posting in the wrong place?

Jordan Ross Downtown: Things will be great when your… leaving this dump.

Skipford Skipfordville - “Segway free since 2009″

Ben Weekes Paradise City - Where the grass is green and the girls are pretty.

Chris M Syphlistown - The burning starts here

jasopan KotakuVille - I know you’ll like it here xP

B.P City #6: I am not a number, I am a free man!

Aaron Tate The democratic republic of Hahahayeahright.


    Hate to be a noob but do I need to at Kotaku or something to facebook to get my key? Sorry.

    This was a contest? I got a key just by emailing someone and asking for it.

    cool >.< I got a key :) shame I won by default tho.... I thought I was funny :)

    Hey im just worried that you dont have my email and my profile was set to privite. Would you like to me send you guys my email so you can send me the key?

    Still havnt got mine... :(

    omg..... This competition is soo unfair, i should've got my key like 4 days ago and i still don't have it.....

      The keys were sent out earlier today. Please check your junkmail or spam folder.

    'I see winners, but not their slogans. or am I posting in the wrong place?'

    Best. entry. ever.

    Hey David, I'm pretty sure I've been listed twice to receive a beta key. Although I'm sure you're aware of it by now.

      Them's the breaks.

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