Left 4 Dead 2 Has Bulletproof Zombies Too

Valve showed off the final two levels of Left 4 Dead 2 campaign The Parish this evening, revealing how the game's four new Survivors will get the hell out of New Orleans. It also showed a brand new uncommon-common infected.

Similar to the hazmat suit-wearing infected that are immune to incendiary fire, a new, mostly bulletproof infected will join the mix in The Parish. Seems a few riot police wearing full gear couldn't escape the zombie apocalypse, making the escape a little harder for Coach, Ellis, Nick and Rochelle.

These kevlar wearing infected can only be killed from behind, making it especially difficult if two are bearing down on your character. A quick melee hit will stun them, even knocking them down and exposing their posteriors. But as they charge you, unloading a full clip on their fronts will essentially do nothing.

Not sure how well molotovs, pipe bombs and other explosives will work, but we hope they'll do the work they're known for.

It's a nice addition to the zombie arsenal, which should make the hordes, normally easily mowed down, a little harder to contend with.


    The small things are adding up to deserve a retail sequel. I think those fanboys can actually shut up now.

    Few new enemies, improved AI. Weapons, melees, characters, levels. New setting.

    I thinks it shaping up!

      It's not about making a new game with so much more! It's more about getting our money's worth out of the original game with promised DLC.
      Sure, anyone can make a sequel so soon with an incredible amount of new features, but what about the previous one? What you're saying is that, as long as they make the next one kick ass, then who cares about the previous one...

      Do you honestly wonder why sequels don't come out so soon after their predecessor? It's because the developers are faithful to their customers and are more interested in what they want than how much is going to be in their pockets. Then again, this would be asking too much of valve.

        Money's worth of DLC, so you feel you are entitled to $60 worth of DLC because you already bought a game? Seriously? Get the fuck outta here, you are not entitled to anything more than what came on the disc. Valve has no legal binding contract saying they have to give you something for nothing. If you haven't already gotten $60 worth of fun or more out of Left 4 Dead, you're doign it wrong.

        I got at least 60 bucks worth out of this game and i bought it for 20 from a friend. I can't wait for the sequel to come out, so my friends and I can play for another few months a game that seems to be way better. I personally love melee, so i know what i'm going to be doing.

    Wow definately going to push the co-op aspect of the game! Cannot wait for this, really shaping up to be another hit

    I am really liking the addition of the uncommon-common infected. The zombie hordes in L4D1 were too easily mowed down with the auto-shotty or assault rifle. These guys will no doubt make the game more interesting, and requiring more thought and planning other than simply shooting at anything that moves.

    So is there a chance that later chapters of each campaign will have TWO uncommon-common types?(Hazmat zombies are in Praiah at the start, then these guys show up in the later levels).

    For Australians, this announcement still means "so what?" unless Valve finally provide dedicated servers in Australia, or allow P2P hosting.

    What's the point of buying a game where you always have a ping of 1 red bar, and are disconnected every second game?

      There are hundreds of other dedicated servers in australia to play on, Womble. Why do you need a valve official one?

        xbox? ;_;

        360 - no servers in Australia

    Sorry for double posting, but I want to also say I reckon sniper rifle should still kill the cop zombies from the front.

    But maybe only 2-3 shots or something so they're still tougher.

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