Left 4 Dead 2 Has New Zombies, New Items

Left 4 Dead 2 isn't exactly like Left 4 Dead 1. It's set during the day, for starters. Oh, and it has new zombies. And new items to help you kill those zombies.

One of the new zombies is the "Spitter", who sits back and lobs spit at you. This spit inflicts damage around the point where it lands, sort of like a mortar. Only, made from zombie spit. As you can imagine, its purpose is to split you up, as a well-placed lob into the middle of a group will force you all to scatter, leaving you vulnerable to the zombies.

Another is an all-new type of zombie: the "common-uncommons", as Valve call them. These are specific to each level, with an example being the "mud men", fast, crawling zombies in the Swamp level that sound a lot like the fast zombies from Half-Life 2.

To help you in your fight this time around, two items - the pills and first aid kits are gone, replaced with ammo packs and adrenaline. Adrenaline works kind of like the old beserk power did in Doom; it stops groups of zombies from slowing you down, and you can go melee crazy, making the most of the sequel's new hand-to-hand weaponry.

Left 4 Dead 2 Exclusive Preview [Gamespy]


    The more I see of left 4 dead "2" the less I care..

      I disagree. I'm really looking forward to this one, and get more excited every day!

    As an Australian, there is NO way I'm buying the sequel for the 360 until Valve provide either dedicated servers in Australia, or they enable the P2P hosting option.

    I cannot join a L4D game on XBL without it having a ping of one red bar. And I'm disconnected from the server in 90% of cases at some point during the game. (And no, it's not my ISP or connection.)

    Fed up of it, so I don't play L4D any more.

    I've sent Valve several mails on the matter, with no reply.

      Ditto. good to know I'm not the only one. I actually just end up playing single-player half the time so that the shotgun is actually usable.

      It's dissapointing as it was such a good game.

    'the pills and first aid kits are gone'

    I can see first aid kits in the video

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