Left 4 Dead 2 Lets You Play A Bit Of Zombie Cricket

The four new Survivors in Left 4 Dead 2 will be able to make use of melee weapons, including a chainsaw, fire axe and the crowd-pleasing frying pan. Valve's slow roll out of new info reveals on more hand-to-hand weapon.

Curiously, it's a cricket bat, according to IGN. That's Left 4 Dead noob Ellis there whacking the juices out of a Southern infected, apparently relieving him of his cricket headgear. Does that mean, like the hazmat suit-wearing infected already revealed, that zombies will be wearing helmets? And exactly how many cricket matches and frat houses will the new Survivors encounter en route from Savannah to New Orleans?

An interesting addition, one that may simply be striving to reference Shaun of the Dead's anti-zombie efforts to increased suspension of disbelief.

New Left 4 Dead 2 Weapon Unveiled [IGN]


    Left 4 Dead (the original) had a very original lineup of weapons, but the combat was there, I'm a huge fan of L4D, IMO L4D2's melee weapons just seem like a joke, sure there was humour in the original but none of that was combat based humour.

    If i wanted jokes put in a combat system i would buy dead rising.

    woo australia!

    this is so perplexing on so many levels... Cricket? In Louisiana? Also, does the concept art imply that it would take a zombie apocalypse for an English cricket side to win at anything?

    The cricket bat, the shirt that says Australia and the helmet are all vector art...

    You've been dooped!

    Maybe the next weapon to be announced will be the new ball.
    Or England's weapon of choice; rain.

      You, sir, are my hero.

    Cheeky poms,

    All I have to say is: FEE FI FO FUM! I smell another clean sweep!

    It's not real...

    It's some deluded Englishman trying to tell us we're going to fail the Ashes, which not coincidentally starts today.

    "Cricket! No one understands Cricket! You'd have to know what a crumpet is to understand Cricket!"

    Anyone who guess what movie that is from and who said it is a legend!

    “Cricket! No one understands Cricket! You’d have to know what a crumpet is to understand Cricket!”

    TMNT the first movie

    and it was the red turtle Raphael

    Dudes, this will be good. You dont need to now how to play cricket, just how to swing a peice of wood at an infected head. I think this will be great, bring on a cricket mini-game.

    Cricket bat’s nice... As stupid as I think the frying pan is, I guess I can tolerate it... It’s the god-awful incendiary ammo that has me reaching for the vomit bucket.

    Sounding like Lefteam 4tress Dead 2...

    Its fake:

    Bloody IGN UK wankers!

    That picture is fake as hell..

    The Ashes start today.. its clearly the reason for the picture.. but where did it come from? surely not valve..

    Kotaku, are you taking the piss?

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