Left 4 Dead Tank Cosplay Shows Real Dedication

Yesterday, I saw a Comic-Con attendee attempting—struggling—to put on his Grimlock costume, a foil and cardboard contraption that stood a good 10 feet tall. Impressive, but maybe not as impressive as this very dedicated special infected.

Reader Edward spotted this trio, with bonus Zoey and Bill, skulking around the entrance to the San Diego Convention Center. Check out the details—click that pic to make it bigger—including pipe bombs and pills. Thanks for the pic, Edward!


    Looks great, but I didn't know Papa Smurf was ex-military.

    What, no picture of the Grimlock costume? That's no fun... Especially when Google only gives us this one from 2007: http://epii.info/anime/2007%20Katsucon/Transformers%20-%20Grimlock.jpg

    Asian Louis ruins it, also he's almost off camera lol.

    Hahaha papa smurf. I still think it looks good, so much like Bill. Has that old grumpy face cause bill is permanately got PMT.

    Didn't actually notice it was Zoey straight away. Just some fan getting a snap.

    & I believe that dude would have suffered an aching back by the end of the day with that Tank costume.

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