Let's Find Out How Many People Actually Use The PlayStation Network

For a while now, Sony have publicly measured the sign-up rate of the PlayStation Network by the number of individual accounts. Which looks good on paper, but it's not very realistic, is it?

So we're much happier now we have a real statement on the number of people making the most of the PlayStation Network. During Sony's quarterly earnings report, there was a little Q&A held between Sony executives and market analysts, during which Robert Wiesenthal - Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Sony America - revealed:

I think right now close to half of our users have opted to sign up to the [PlayStation]network, and I think it's running on track, and we are expecting really great things this year from it.

Not an exact statistic, sure, but it gives us a rough idea. There are 23 million PS3 consoles out there. If "close to half" of all PS3 users have signed up, that gives us around 11 million people actually signed up to the PSN. Which isn't far off our own amateur guesswork.

Which is a pretty healthy number! It's OK to tell the truth sometimes, guys. We appreciate it when you do.


    Out of those 11 million approximate numbers not all play Online everyday or everyweek. SOme may just always be connected like sometimes i do on XBL but i play at least once a day if not once every 2 days online cranking Call of Duty or Halo or Fifa.

    So those 11 aren't PSN players who are constantly playing. Not dissing the PSN but its the same with XBL.
    I don't even know how many they got, but they all list it at an average and not by PLAYERS but CONNECTIONS.

    If i play campaign of say Halo 3, connected to XBL, but playing by myself, i'm counted towards Halo 3's ranking on most played and also to MS's statistic of usage of XBL. They're not listing the average of how many people are usually online, using XBL or PSN for what its mainly for, playing games online.

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