LittleBigPlanet Hits One Million Levels

This week gamers playing LittleBigPlanet have uploaded a total of one million levels since the game's release last year.

That means, according to Media Molecule, that a new level has been published about every 21 seconds since the game's launch. It would take a gamer nearly five years, playing 24 hours a day, to go through all of those levels. How's that for value for your money?

Those million levels have been played a total of 244 million times. To celebrate, it seems, Media Molecule has uploaded this lovely video and is teasing us with some sort of news that they plan to spill on the official Playstation Blog on August 18.

Wow, I still remember back when Tristan was asking famous designers for help with his very first level.

LittleBigPlanet Community Reaches One Million Creations [Playstation Blog]


    Well done to LBP and the LBP community. I enjoyed this game a heck of a lot and I even enjoyed making my one level!! Some of the levels are brilliant and everyone should be proud of themselves (almost everyone..)

    little big what?
    ooohh right, littlebigplanet!? people still play that do they? damn, that game is almost at the bottom of my pile. it's been that long since ive bothered with it. i think it was about 2 weeks after i bought it that i got bored with it. the main reason i bought it is cause i picked up the "banned" version so i had it about a week early. hahah dumbass dick smith employees! LOL

      Brad you are, like, so cool. Can I be your friend? We can PWN n00bs on CodWAW - l33t FTW!

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