Look! People Lining Up For DQIX

With 2 million pre-orders and a rumoured 3 million copies shipping, we honestly didn't expect folks to line-up for Dragon Quest IX. Sleep in! Square Enix hasn't created a shortage.

All the millions who want the game, can get it. But still, low and behold, there were lines earlier this morning in Akihabara. Reader TitillatedOcelot has been in Tokyo on his honeymoon, and what's more romantic than taking pictures of people waiting in line? Nothing!

According to TitillatedOcelot, "Well, flying back to Canada today. I was in Japan for my honeymoon, and as it turns out, the last hotel we were staying at was one station away from the Electric City. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to see the launch of a high-profile title up close. And no, I didn't snag a copy for myself. I'm gonna wait for the localised one as my Japanese is patchy at best."

Thanks Titillated! And congrats on the marriage dealio!


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