Lots Of New Mass Effect 2 Footage

Here's a new developer diary for Mass Effect 2. Wait, don't go! The developers are talking over 4 minutes of non-stop Mass Effect 2 footage, so this one's worth watching.

Worth watching, that is, if you don't mind the odd minor spoiler or two. So BE WARNED!


    Yeah, that's great, takes the suspense out of not knowing what can happen to your character at the end.

    Seriously, couldn't he have just said something cryptic like, "In Mass Effect 2, your decisions REALLY REALLY MATTER"?

    Sounds like a load of bullshit and hype.
    I just hope the battles and vehicle sequences aren't going to be as crappy as they were in the first game.

    Some developer diaries go too far,

    This went further than that!

    Of corse the story line is gonna be more complex, more twists and surprises than what this shows. But showing characters dying and revealing an ending, even though ones been speculated just goes beyond the boundaries of keeping suspense for a game, MONTHS AND MONTHS before its release date that HASN'T BEEN SET!

    I like the permanently at the end, like I cant load up a save after that...

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