LucasArts' "Amazing" News - UPDATED

A bevy of classic LucasArts games are coming to Steam over the next month, LucasArts Games announced this morning.

The back-catalog hitting Steam's PC on-demand gaming service includes LOOM, The Dig, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, and Star Wars Battlefront II.

"This effort is going to make it possible to introduce a whole new generation of gamers to LucasArts' classic games," said Darrell Rodriguez, president of LucasArts. "It also gives more people a chance to play our games by making them available long after they've disappeared from store shelves. We hope our fans are as excited as we are about our plans and we can't wait to share what's coming next. This is just the beginning."

The first round of releases will hit Steam on July 8 and includes these titles:

• Armed and Dangerous • Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis • Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: The Graphic Adventure • LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventure • LOOM • Star Wars Battlefront II • Star Wars Republic Commando • Star Wars Starfighter • The Dig • Thrillville: Off the Rails

The partnership is the latest in LucasArts' push to revitalize their older portfolio of games.

Tomorrow, Telltale's Tales of Monkey Island game series hits the PC, delivering a new storyline that will unfold across five monthly episodes. On July 15 LucasArts publishes The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition, a re-imagined version of the first game in the series that adds updated high definition graphics, a re-mastered musical score, and full voiceover to the classic adventure game originally launched in 1990.

The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition will be released on Xbox LIVE Arcade and PC via Steam and "other online distribution channels." LucasArts Games Twitter


    Amazing news alright... not ..

    Ten crappy old LucasArts games have made it to steam.. big deal ... Loom and some old ghosts from their collection that are too old to metnion ... really we want something better that these from their collection of games...

    Oh God, where's Full Throttle or TIE Fighter? Or praps some of the newer titles like KOTOR? The list doesn't exactly thrill me...

    So. Underwhelmed.

      This is clearly just the start and we'll surely see LucasArts dripfeed more titles onto Steam over the coming weeks and months. They were hardly going to give us everything at once. Besides, there is some good stuff here: the two Indy adventures, Loom, The Dig, as well as the more modern titles like Armed & Dangerous and Republic Commando are all worth checking out.

        Sure, but I won't be paying attention to the next overly excited tweet from them. The hype did not equal the news by any stretch of the imagination.

        Speaking to a friend over some casual zombie slughtering last night, we agreed that should a new Tie Fighter or X-Wing game come out we'd pull out all the stops - new graphics card, new flight controls, freshly polished gimp...sorry, Imperial Flight Suit.

        It's our fault for buying the hype I guess ;)

    While this is good news- I'll definitely pick up the classic Indy games and The Dig- I was also hoping for a Dark Forces/Xwing series title...

    This is excellent news! Old classics hold values and experiences that are non-existant in today's games. Resurfacing these games can't be anything but good, for gamers and hopefully modders and the industry.

    Fair enough that they aren't releasing everything at once, but I sure hope they end up releasing everything one day. I'm hanging out for Outlaws for the most I think.

    Getting old games like these to run on today's PC's with a click of a button without having to fix everything would be an absolute dream come true.

    Bah, I wanted them to comeon damnit! I'd trust them with modern compatibility a HELL of a lot more than I would trust steam

    Loom and The Dig are among the greatest game stories ever. Now we just need Day of the Tentacle.

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