LucasArts Announcing New Old Game For Old IP Monday

LucasArts Games promsies to unveil a new and exciting game based on an existing franchise on Monday.

"Amazing news coming Monday! Super excited! You have no idea how tough it is not to start yelling about it! But it's secret! Until Monday!"

The game, they say, will be "awesome news for old school fans."

While it's possible, with the upcoming rerelease of The Secret of Monkey Island, that this could be another reimagining of one of LucasArts classic adventure games, my money is on something more modern.

When Free Radical gave up the ghost last year, concept art for some pretty spectacular Star Wars Battlefront III ideas shook loose. My money, and hopes are on a new developer being named for the Star Wars shooter, one that can bring dark Obi to life.

Kotaku AU Note: OK, Brian, let's have a wager on this. You say Battlefront... I say Dark Forces. And, readers, what do you say?

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    Rogue Squadron? even though i bought HAWX i quickly tired of it.

    but a new Rogue Squadron, co-op combat in ships from the many star wars eras, levels where you could actually do the death star run.

    battlefront 2 had a good flight system for a game trying to do a bunch of other stuff at the same time, objective based combat borrowed from some of Jedi academy's best user mods. take that, polish it really hard, and you have a awesome game even by itself.

    Whilst unlikely, I'd love to see a remake of the X-Wing/TIE Fighter series with new swanky graphics :)

    Please be either Rebellion or Tie Fighter

    im still holding out hope for knights of the old republic 3 ... i wont say the mmo is bad i just know that i wont get the great single player story in thier

    Battlefront 1 and 2 were the best selling star wars games of all time. Wouldn't they be daft not to release BF3?
    That's what I'm waiting for.

    Either a proper KOTOR sequel (not an MMO), a sequel to Republic Commando, or new versions of classic point-and-click games like Day of the Tentacle or Full Throttle (which may or may not work depending on Tim Shafer's [I sure I've spelt that wrong] level of involvement)

    Although, new versions of TIE Fighter or X-Wing would be awesome for those of us who never played the original versions of these games {loathed as I am to admit that...)

    All LucasArts have said is that there will be news regarding an existing IP that should appeal to veteran fans, not necessarily a whole new exciting game or actual big announcement.

    Though I'd like one. Let's not let the Twitter hype blow out of proportion

    I want this to be Full Throttle. Not even a remake, just re-release the original and I'll be happy.

    How can people forget about republic commando? That game was sick

    If it's going to make old fans really happy, there's only two possibilities:

    - Dark Forces/Jedi Knight
    - X-wing vs Tie Fighter/X-wing alliance

    BAM! A new X-Wing/Tie-Fighter game would be awesome beyond belief, but a new Republic Commando game would make me almost as happy.

    Battlefront does nothing for me at all...with or without Darksideobi and his hobo-chic.

    C'mon new X-Wing/TIE Fighter/X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter/X-Wing Alliance

    I'm hoping is BF3
    WITH dark kenobi. He's a hunk of a hobo

    Reboot of X-Wing vs Tie Fighter with episodic content, please please pleaasssssssssse!

    Why do I get the feeling it's not even a Star Wars game?

    If it is though, I really hope for a Dark Forces/Jedi Knight game.

    x-wing rerelease on xbox live arcade with b-wing, y-wing etc as dlc

    Yeah, I'm tipping it's not a Star Wars game, but beyond that I don't know.

    Force Unleashed 2? Rogue Leader 4? I don't think it'll be Dark Forces at least, Kyle Katarn is getting a bit too old... Maybe they'll do a Star Trek and send Han Solo back in time?

    If it was X-wing vs. Tie Fighter, I might die from excitement. Or any 2D adventure game :)

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