LunchTimeWaster: Bunni Game

bunni-picOh look! Bunnies! We've got something of a change of pace for your lunchtime gaming today.

Bunni Game - or perhaps it's called Bunni Bunni, it's not entirely clear - is a city management type game. Except with grotesque, super-deformed bunnies as your hard working villagers. And by grotesque I mean sickeningly cute.

You control the king bunni (seen centre of the above pic), toodling around your island archipelago domain. You build sawmills and mines. You build houses from which other bunnies can be produced. You shake fruit trees to plunder their loot, Animal Crossing style. You meet female bunnies, too, who reward you when you meet their demands.

Soon you're locked into that continual upgrade spiral that players of the Settlers of, indeed, any game that sees you harvest resources to construct buildings to harvest more resources.

Bunni Game [Bunni Bunni]


    Oh! Bunnies!

    This game is 80% Australian made as well :)

    Thanks for the review,


    I liked this game - made my eyes water by staring at the screen for so long though, and I wish you could zoom out so you can control more of the environment. They have a " How much fun are you having" and a feedback form you can fill in midgame which is not a bad idea.

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