LunchTimeWaster: Fragger

fragger-picWant to throw some grenades at some stupid looking men? 'Course you do.

In the vein of former Flash Friday contender Crush the Castle, Fragger tasks you with taking out an increasing number of increasingly difficult to reach enemies with but a limited supply of ranged weapons. In this case, you've got an arsenal of grenades.

Angling your throwing arc and tweaking the power is only part of the challenge. You've also got to think about where the grenade is going to bounce. They don't explode on impact but rather a few seconds later, meaning a perfectly placed shot can be undone as the grenade rolls away from its intended target.

It starts off easy, but ramps up quickly. Can you get through every level this lunchtime?

Fragger [Armor Games]


    pretty cool game. level 30 was a bitch

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