LunchTimeWaster: Nerf

nerf-picHey! Don't forget you can play this Nerf game and win prizes.

I just played it for the first time and got a terrible score of 1480. Beat that.

Sure, this post is a shameless plug. But if you're too cynical to give it a go then - frankly - you don't have the sense of humour to enjoy the cool Nerf guns we're giving away. Just ask readers "stin" and "Seth" who bagged themselves the Recon CS6 and the Vulcan EBF25, respectively, by being last week's winners.

So... ha!

Please play it.

Nerf N-Strike [Kotaku]

[Terms and Conditions]


    I'd love to win a nerf gun, but due to the spammy nature of the flash game I don't see myself getting a decent score unless I sit there destroying my mouse clicking for 3 in that period, I could have just worked overtime and earned enough to buy multiple nerf guns. As a side note - I do love the fact that Kotaku has so many competitions, well done.

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