LunchTimeWaster: Queens

queens-pic-2It's the tale of one sadistic, fickle and perhaps just very bored King... and all of his Queens.

Fiendish? No, it's downright malicious. Queens is a simple platformer that gleefully seeks to end your Queen's life at every turn. Imagine everything you found most punishing about an old-school platformer - the instant deaths, the sudden falling spikes - except delivered with perfect comic timing.

Queens is brutal yet deliberately and amusingly so. It's only a few screens long, but let me know if you manage to finish it.

Bizarrely enough, it was created for entry in an indie design competition themed around domestic violence. It'll make sense once you play it.

Queens [noonat]


    man thats hard

    Well that was a fun 5 minutes.

    Did I miss the sarcasm about it being 'hard'?
    It was pretty easy. Funny though.

    Lunchtime Waster, if Lunch is 5 minutes long.

    Ahhh well, back to exam study....

    Yep that took about 5 minutes to finish, not very difficult at all.

    Not bad, got me determined to finish it haha, 5mins well spent.

    that was fun - thanks!

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