LunchTimeWaster: Rabbit Wants Cake

rabbit-wants-cake-picLove the idea of this. Recording your attempted playthrough then going back to edit it for success.

So there's a rabbit (you), there's some cake (your goal), and some platforms (your obstacles). You hit Record and attempt a blind playthrough, trying to judge how long you need to move left or right and when you'll need to jump.

Then you hit Playback and you'll see your rabbit follow your instructions. Inevitably you'll fail. You didn't jump at the right time or you overestimated how far you'd run to the left.

So what you do is use the simple editing tools to change when you hit jump or to shorten the length of time you held down the left arrow key. Neat.

In the pic below, taken as I complete Level 6, you can see the editing sliders neat the top of the screen. I've moved right a little bit (to walk off the ledge at the top left starting point). I paused to give my rabbit enough time to fall. Then I moved right again, jumped, and kept moving right.


I had to make a couple of tweaks to nail this run: once to extend the first movement to the right then twice to get my rabbit jumping earlier and not running into the spikes.

Now you give it a go.

Rabbit Wants Cake [Armor Games]


    Reminds me of Turtle. With spikes. And cake.

    Good or bad? No idea. Last level nearly did my head in though.

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