LunchTimeWaster: Seven

seven-picNo, it's not based on the David Fincher film. Rather it's an uber-stylish platformer that features characters with box-shaped heads, as opposed to Gwyneth's head in a box.

Just look at that screenshot for a moment. Seriously. How awesome is that?

Seven is like that all the way through. By that I don't mean every level sports that same limited Madworld-esque colour palette... I mean it just looks that eyeball-frotteringly gorgeous the entire time.

The first level starts off with a hot-air balloon ride in idyllic suburbia. The second level's madness you can see above. The third takes you into outer space. And so on it goes through seven stages, leaping from one lunatic location to the next, each level tasking you with just one thing: collect the star. Seriously, it's awesome.

Oh... and DO NOT hit "H" to read the help screen. I think it spoils it all too much.

Seven [Makibishi Inc.]


    Just an exercise in frustration for me. The fact that in some places the outcome is down to pure
    random chance is enough to turn me off it.
    Through perseverance I got to level 6 and can't do the big jump. Apparently it's possible but missing is frustrating enough to discourage me from trying more than the half dozen or so attempts I've had so far. So I tried 7. Seems to be a matter of experimenting until you get it right, but you've only got so much money. I'm guessing you need to go back and redo level 5 to get the money but that spits out things randomly so whether you get to collect enough money before completing the level is just more frustration.

    Where in all that is the fun?? Someone seems to have lost sight of why a people like playing games. Some people might find it interesting (and David is obviously one of those) but others, like me, will just find it annoying. I'd hazard a guess that there are more of the latter than the former.

    Well, level 6 was one of the most frustrating things ever, but once i realised you can jump across the gap from the middle light green block, the rest was just a bit of do it until it's done.
    And it was so satisfying too =D

    Totally got lucky on the seventh level though haha, first shot sent me direct to the star.

    Also the ending - wat.

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