LunchTimeWaster: William And Sly

william-and-sly-pic-2Hands down: this is one of the best flash games I've ever played.

Trust me on this, you're unlikely to find a more enjoyable and relaxing lunchtime game than William And Sly.

Sly is, as the name and screenshot betray, a fox. William's his owner. You control Sly, an exceptionally graceful creature who runs and leaps through the woodland environment with an uncanny beauty. Simply moving around the expansive platform-based world is a joy.

Like Knytt, this is a platformer focused on exploration rather than precisely-timed jumps. The world is enormous and seamlessly arranged, allowing you to travel anywhere as long as you can leap there. It's also full of secret passages.

There's such a remarkable degree of polish here, from the animation to the ambient music. It makes me hope designer Lucas Paakh (known on Newgrounds as Kajenx) will have the opportunity to grow this into a full, commercial game. Play it and just maybe he will.

William And Sly [Newgrounds]


    Dang, David Wildgoose got all kinds of bonezorz for William and Sly

      hi, do you know how to open all the bridges?

    That was pretty good. Great animation for a flash game.

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