MAG Reloading For Release In 2010?

The thinning Fall 2009 release list looks like it's getting one release thinner today, as online retailers are pointing to a delay for MAG, Zipper Interactive's massive action game for the PlayStation 3, which is now aiming for January 2010.

Both GameFly and GameStop are listing the title for release during the week of January 10, 2010. Those retailers were expecting MAG on November 24 of this year as of a week ago. At E3, Sony Computer Entertainment America pegged MAG's release date more vaguely, as a "Fall 2009" game.

While Sony hadn't yet applied a firm release date to the online shooter, it's looking less likely that the game will make that Fall window, if retailer listings are correct.

We've contacted SCEA to get confirmation, but have not yet heard back.

Kotaku AU Note: I spoke to the MD of SCE Australia earlier this week and, when discussing their 2009 titles, he did not mention MAG. Which means this reported delay is correct or it was never an '09 release in Australia... or we simply forgot to talk about it.


    This game has A LOT of potential. I know its only a PS3 game & Killzone didn't sell as well has they had hoped or hyped about.

    But this made JUST for online multiplayer - so thats appealing enough. I believe a lot of FPS's are gonna get blown over by the massive hype of ODST & Modern Warfare 2 these holidays.

    So i think its best that this gets a release around April 2010. Hate thinking that, but for sales and success wise, it should. Especially if they want to promote it enough.

    Smart move. MAG would have been eaten alive releasing so close to Modern Warfare 2.

    Even without MW2, you'd think publishers may have started paying attention to the lesson EA learned last year with Mirror's Edge and Dead Space - it doesn't pay to launch new IP at that time of year, even if the game is good.

      Well, depending on the genre really. Both ME & DS are classified as shooters. You had World at War and Gears last year plus Left 4 Dead - all were very successful games. So it was kinda bad timing for other shooters.

      I think without MW2, MAG could stand a possible chance to selling 2 million. But either way, 2010 is a smart move.

      Not only that, Mirrors Edge & Dead Space weren't necessarily worth their $99 AUS price tag. Games like Harry Potter and film adaption games are priced at usually $60-$70 when released. They were only worth that for the length & content. Neither came with online play and Mirror's Edge DLC didn't offer any new campaign missions. These are the type of stuff gamers look for these days, which can sometimes be unfortunate for publishers & developers, especially when wanting to make a profit without offering DLC.

      Those are some reasons ME & DS weren't as successful as other holiday reasons. But yes, the timing also wasn't the best!

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