Man Arrested For Sharing "Violent Sex" Game

The Kyoto Police's High Tech Crime Unit have arrested 38-year-old Kawasaki City resident Hidetoshi Fukuzawa for illegally sharing an erotic game via the internet.

"I downloaded it," he stated. "but I didn't leak this onto the internet." File sharing is illegal in Japan.

Using an online file sharing service called "Share", the title was leaked to countless users. Described as a "game depicting violent sex", the title had its in-game mosaic removed and is believed to be banned raped title Rapelay.

The suspect works in the Japanese sex industry.

性暴力ゲーム、無修正で流す=川崎市の男逮捕−京都府警 [jiji via 2ch]


    File sharing is illegal in Japan....something about that statment just seems wrong.

      It's very true actually. Japan has some of the strictest filesharing policies, which can send you to prison easily.

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