Man. Bathtub. PSP. Game Over?

Official Sony Europe promotional image seen on UK Resistance and complementing this.


    hahahaha he looks like he's mentally disabled with that look on his face...

    on the whole though, i have to say this add kinda makes me feel ashamed to have a psp..

    ....also is there two men in that tub! check out the hair-free upper body, then the yetti legs!

    that's a bit gay...


      What's the hardest part of owning a PSP?

      Telling your parent you're gay.

      Isn't it just, j? Hot! :P

    I spose advertising works for different people in different ways. In my case, I'm gay, like video games and guys with hairy legs, so it's working for me...

    Can't imagine how they expected this to help PSP sales. O_o

    Seriously. Is the person behind these ads on crack?

    why does Sony always screw up the advertisements --'

    Umm, disclaimer... the psp is NOT waterproof, we all know what could happen if he drops it but even by pressing the buttons he's wrecking it.

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