Mass Effect 2 Box Art Stares Right Back At You

BioWare and EA have released the final box art for Mass Effect 2, giving the sequel a more action oriented visual presentation than the original. The guns are smokin', the space suits skin tight, and the "2" appropriately placed.

The only thing we don't really care for is the stink eye that Shephard appears to be giving us. You're understandably upset, sir, but that angry glare directed at the consumer instead of some alien menace just off-cover is intimidating.

Less-obscured PC version awaits you after this.


    Wait... Wrex is on the cover? He won't be returning in my game.

      thats not wrex. they already said you would have brand new party members, didn't they?

      There is more than one Krogan left in the universe.

      Oh, that's Tex Mex.

    My version of Shepard looked nothing like that QQ.

    So shattered my Genghis Khan looking Shepherd is stuck on my old corrupted gamertag =,(

    I personally don't think the "run-and-gun" imagery is entirely appropriate for an IP like Mass Effect, but meh - so long as the game doesn't follow suit.
    And yes, I actually don't know anyone that went with the default Shepherd! ;P

      I never used to like the look of default Shepard, but he's grown on me in the ME2 clips.... not that I'd ever use him.

      ME2 better have decent long hair for guys.

      The cover isn't too bad... Mass Effect's was better though, look more like an epic sci fi saga cover where this looks like something Michael Bay would come up with. It needs a cheesy tagline and somehow "finish the Fight" seems to fit.

    They should just make the sequel more political and call it 'Mass Debate'.

    Yeah, I don't like how in a game with so much character customisation, they keep forcing this image of how Sheppard *should* look in their marketing. For example, my Sheppard is a hot, goth, lesbian chick who, IMO, would look much better on the box art than Generic Space Marine X up there...

    This is crap. makes the game look cartoony, when the graphics are very splendid for such a large game set in a sci-fi genre.

    Re-do it PLEASE!

    Sheppard looks a little like a mexican dude in this cover. I get the feeling they were going for a retro 70s kind of look but it's too understated so everyone is confused and annoyed about the cover.
    I don't think it's particularly good but obviously the publishers thought this was the best of the lot.

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