Mass Effect Might Go To Fourth Game, Then Infinity, Then Beyond

Even though there's only really one Mass Effect game (the iPhone one doesn't count) out there, fans are already settling in for the long run. Which is prudent, because BioWare have plans for a lot more Mass Effect games.

Speaking with Gamerzines, BioWare's Greg Zeschuk has said "We've said Mass Effect is supposed to be a trilogy, so you're going to see at least a third Mass Effect, and even more if everything goes well."

Let's hope they can keep the whole space opera thing interesting beyond a third game. We'd hate to see Mass Effect 4 starring Michael Caine and Mario Van Peebles.

BioWare: Mass Effect may be 'more' than a trilogy [Gamerzines]


    I loved ME1 and if ME2 is anything to go by i will be buying ME games till the story ends and most likely get ll the spinoff games, only if though the quality remains the same (and being bioware i would have no hesitation in saying it will).

    No complaints from me, the more the merrier

    I just finished ME 1 yesterday and I'm very keen for more. If they keep up the quality and put some decent distance between releases like this I'd be happy to continue this series for a long time.

    Well, that IS EA's speciality. Woohoo Mass Effect 2012, now with incredibly detailed beads of sweat on Shepard's forehead...

      Are you kidding? Yearly Mass Effect games would be awesome. Its a story driven game and if Tony Hawk and Need for Speed have taught us anything, its that the only thing that has to change for yearly games is the story. So as long as they put in the minimum amount of work yearly games would be worth buying (they could pump out a decades worth just ripping off old SG-1 plots).

      If anything I'm a little annoyed they didn't milk Mass Effect. I was really hoping for a series of DLC side-stories.

    That picture,

    Where is that in the game?

    I've played through it four times now, and I've never had a scene with Garus, Ashley or Liara in the engine room.

      Looks like one Bioware mocked up. I don't recall seeing it in the game either.

    I have just bought ME and been playing through it for the past few days and all I can say is that it is a terrible game. The control layout is crap, gameplay is just plain dull, and the amount of menus avaliable for codex, journal etc is just tedious. The story looked like it would be good but I just couldn't play through the game for that alone. I had high expectations from what I had read. Is halo 3 a similar style or more like gears of war?

    I would happily buy endless Mass Effect sequels if they maintained the same interesting world and filled it with new places to go, characters to meet and things to do.

    Its not like theirs a 'limit' to what they can and cannot do with each mass effect sequel after all.

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