Master Chief, Tetris Block, Wiimote Attend Supanova

You want more cosplay pics from Supanova? Of course you do.

The six snaps you'll find below arrive thanks to reader Jessie W. They include some of the best costumes we've seen yet.

Like this Master Chief and Cortana coupling...


And this annoying emo kid...


And, of course, whatshisname from thatscifithing...


A voluptuous Tetris block...


A valiant effort at Wario...


And , finally, a human-sized Wiimote.


See more Supanova pics here and here.

Thanks Jessie for all the great pics. If you took some snaps at Supanova, send them to us (or link us to your Facebook, Flickr, Twitpic etc gallery) and we’ll publish the best.


    lol behind wario is ness

      and to our left behind wiimote is a chick in silver pants. Kotaku please run a feature on that chikc in silver pants.

    oh and the wiimote even has a working led light :p

    hmm, two of my friends came as a wii-mote AND nun-chuck for muck-up photos at school.
    I think the addition of the nun-chuck makes them win =P

    lol the chick in silver pants was a guy

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