Meet Guitar Hero 5's New Guitar

New Guitar Hero game, new Guitar Hero guitar. That's the way the world works. With Guitar Hero 5 almost upon us, let's take a look at it's new guitar, see if it's worth upgrading.

The changes are minimal. Aside from a cosmetic facelift, the only major difference comes in a tweak to the slider, which will now send purely digital signals to the game rather than analogue ones. According to Neversoft's Brian Bright, this change was made to reduce "the chance for error and latency". Slight improvements have also been made to the guitar's reliability, with the controller featuring a new, sturdier strum bar.

Guitar Hero 5's New Axe [IGN]


    i like it

    it'd want a sturdier strum bar.. mine doesn't strum down anymore, and neither does 2 of my friends.

      My GHWT guitar doesn't strum down either, and it's my second one. I'm holding off until I can get a general impression as to the reliability of the new one.

      you could always drop AU$399 on a logitech replica guitar. but if i was u i'd buy a cheap knockoff till the gh5 one comes out!

      If you know how to use a soldering iron, you can buy the torx screwdriver you'll need to take the back off the guitar from Bunnings, and you can get a replacement switch for $3-4 from Dick Smith Electronics, Tandy or Jaycar Electronics. There's plenty of guides on how to replace it online if you're willing to spend a few seconds Googling it.

      My strum bar started dying about 2 weeks after I got GHWT, and I didn't play it all that much, but after replacing the switch, it's worked quite well for the past few months (although I still need to bend the metal prong a bit so it'll strum a bit better, but it still works, so I'm not complaining).

    Are we getting new 'more reliable' drums??

    I definitely think the drum kit is in a dire need of a 'sturdier' upgrade.

    How is this in any way a sequel and not a track pack just out of interest?

    This franchise is being run into the ground faster than you can say "Tony Hawk".

    i have a rockband drumkit and a gh3 guitar i wish to trade in and i dont trust online ebay or amazon can i trade it in a jb eb or game ???

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